1) Beginner

New to Townlife Webmail?

Townlife Webmail is much more than just an email system, it has features such as a personal calendar and task management that can be shared with others. However for the beginner we will start with a series of lessons where you will learn the basic functions of the email system. Once you feel confident you can move into the intermediate and advanced lessons to get the most out of your Townlife Webmail.


Are you stuck or need help?

These lessons cover the most common questions that users have however there are many features to the Townlife Webmail system that users can explore. So if you want more information or a higher level of difficulty use the Help menu to your advantage.

When you are logged into your webmail account the Help menu is located on the top right corner of the screen. Features of the Help menu:

  • Topics are grouped by main categories
  • Search function to find information faster
  • Step-by-step instructions for user to follow
  • Printable