1) Orientation

Getting Started

  • When you log into your website you will directed to your administration window (see below). This provides you with the basic tools needed to manage your website and allows you to see your current website content. 
  • There is no step-by-step manual as the Townlife modules are user-friendly and allow you to enter information in a screen-by-screen fashion.



Administration Menu Overview

  • This is where you start when you first login. It provides you with updates on your website, traffic and subscribers.
  • Everytime you access your website editor you should consult the SUMMARY page first.
  • This is the comman you will want to use if you wish to create something new (i.e. webpage, blog, event, add photos).
  • If you wish to modify something that already exists on your website, this can be found in the edit portion of the administration pages.
  • This area is for miscellaneous files that do not fit in another module. Most files would be stored in their appropriate locations (i.e. document library, photo gallery).
  • You can modify your site settings, such as colour, action steps etc, in this location.
  • Once your site is setup this should rarely need updating.
  • To allow you to view your website easily and quickly from any screen, just click this command.
  • If you require any assistance this links you to this helpdesk, where you can search for more information or submit a support ticket directly to our staff.
  • Always log off after you have made changes to your website.