Webmail Tips & Tricks: Getting the most out of your Townlife email.

Townlife Webmail has many of the same features as other email clients, but you will need to spend some time getting acquainted with them as they function somewhat differently. The information on this webpage features fundamentals for beginners and many advanced lessons for our seasoned users.


Why Use Townlife Webmail?

  • Simple to use email system for beginners to advanced users.
  • Web-based so you will never lose information if your computer crashes.
  • Accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, including from your cell phone.
  • Personal calendar to schedule important meetings and deadlines that you can share with others.
  • Keep your ideas organized in the task and notes features.
  • Customize your email preferences, address book, email forwarding, and security .
  • Detailed help guide and access to customer support.

 Learn how the Townlife webmail features can help you work more efficiently.



Getting Started with Your Townlife Webmail

These are basic questions that users have about their Townlife Webmail account.


Logging into your account


  1. Go to your Townlife webmail login page (i.e., or
  2. In the Email Address box, enter your complete email address, using all lowercase letters. Example:
  3. In the Password box, enter your password.
  4. Click the LOGIN Button. You will be directed to your Webmail Inbox. 

What if I forgot my password?

  • To reset your password you will need to contact Townlife Support by clicking on the Helpdesk/Support page at the bottom of the page. Or you can click on the following website:
  • Click on the SUBMIT A REQUEST link and fill in the request for assistance. Make sure you clearly explain the issue and put your contact information.

Can I be automatically logged in?

  • ONLY if you are the sole user of a computer you can click on the Remember login info? box that appears under the password prompt.
  • Everytime you open the log in page for Townlife Webmail your email address and password will be pre-entered and you just need to click on the LOGIN button.
  • This feature should never be used if the computer is public access OR if there are multiple people using webmail on the same computer. 

Does every staff member have the same log in?

  • Every staff member that has a Townlife Webmail account has their own unique log in and password.


How do I change my password?

  • Once you are logged into your webmail account click on the SETTINGS menu and select Change Password. You will be prompted for your old password and a new password.
  • Passwords cannot contain: Less than 6 characters; 3 or more consecutive numerals (e.g. 567, 9876); The word "password"; or the mailbox user name or domain name.
  • Keep a copy of your password somewhere safe.

How can I get a Townlife Webmail account?


Why should I always log out when I am finished?

When you are finished using Webmail, be sure to click the “Logout’ tab in the upper right corner of the page. This ensures that the information is no longer stored in the browser's temporary cache and it cannot be viewed by another person. It is the best way to insure that your privacy is protected and your account is secured.

Still have questions?

  • If you can't find your answer here, check out the Webmail HELP menu accessible from your e-mail inbox. Or, if you're experiencing a specific technical issue, submit an online support request at