b) Import Address Book

Making the switch to Townlife Webmail

Now that you have learned the benefits of using Webmail over email software applications such as Outlook you are probably thinking that it is going to be time consuming to transfer your information over. But it is not! With a few clicks you can transfer your address book from Outlook to Townlife Webmail.

How do I import my contacts from Outlook to Webmail?

It is simple to switch over your contact list.

  1. Open your Outlook 2007 application. In the file menu click on Import and Export.


  2. The following window will appear. Select Export to a file. Click NEXT.


  3. Another window will appear. Select Comma Separated Values (Windows). Click NEXT.

  4. Select your Contacts link.

  5. Name your new file (i.e. addressbook) and Browse for a location to save it in. Click Next then Click Finish.
  6. Now open your Townlife Webmail. In the CONTACTS tab click on the Import/Export. Browse for your saved file then click CONTINUE. 

  7. Check over your contact list to make sure all fields were imported correctly and make changes if needed. Click OK. All of your contacts are now in your address book.