c) Events

Events Module

Townlife Websites have a built in feature that allow you to publicize your events on a calendar. This is a powerful feature that allows the surrounding community and possibly distant communities to keep up-to-date on events happening in the area.

When someone clicks to see your 'UPCOMING EVENTS' the system knows not to display events in the distant past, but rather the 'upcoming/future' events and the ones that have just recently occured.  This helps automatically update/manage your list as long as your start/end dates are correct!


How do I add an event?

  1. Click on the CREATE button in the Administration menu.
  3. A standardized information sheet will appear where you need to include the following information (ABOUT, WHEN, LOCATION, DETAILS etc). All boxes with a red asterix are required in order for the event to be saved.
  4. Click SAVE. The events will be dated and shown in order under the EVENTS tab on the main website. An example from the Town of Mannville is given below.


Can community members add a local event to the calendar?

Local community members can submit an event by clicking on the SUBMIT AN EVENT link that appears in the Events webpage. Individuals will have to fill out the same form with detailed information about the event. Remember: You still have the control as to whether or not you approve the event. This will appear in the SUMMARY page.


How do I add accurate map information to the event?

When viewing a specific event, you may wish to click on the VIEW MAP feature, this will open a new window and allow you to get accurate directions to the location of the event. This is an automatic feature that links the address to an interactive google map.

For this function to work it requires that the address of the event be accurately recorded. This may require you to contact the community member that posted the information.