c) Manage Folders

Why use folders?

Webmail’s folders enable you to store and organize your email messages, similar to the folders in email programs such as Outlook Express.

There are five default folders: Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam and Trash. You can also create your own custom folders.


 Folders Overview

  • New email messages are delivered to the Inbox folder, and this is the folder displayed when you first log in to Webmail.
  • When you click the Save Draft button while composing a message, a copy of the message is saved in the Drafts folder.
  • By default, copies of messages you send are saved in the Sent folder.
  • Any mail which webmail deems to be junk/spam will be sent here. If spam makes it into your inbox you can tag it as spam.*
  • Any mail items you deleted will be placed here until you exit Webmail. When you exit the mail items will be permanently deleted from your mail account.

*More advanced controls are available in the SETTINGS menu.

How do I create a custom folder?

  • To create a new folder simply click on the green cross in the FOLDERS PANE. You will be prompted to name the folder in a new window. (In the window above I made a folder called Library Website)


How do I move mail into a folder?

  • To move emails into folders you have two options:
    • Drag and drop the email from the INBOX to the FOLDER PANE OR
    • Select the email(s) you want to move by clicking on the empty box to the left of the email (a checkmark will appear in the box once it is selected) and under the Move to folder box select your choice from the pull down menu.


Can Webmail automatically sort my incoming emails into different folders?

Do you get a lot of email? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have your email automatically sorted so your INBOX does not get innundated? You can use this feature to sort emails automatically into different folders for easier organization. For example you can have different folders for: payroll, order forms, new book lists, head office information etc. Below is a lesson that will help you set up this feature.

Scenario: Let's assume that John Doe always sends you emails with lists of new children's books. We want to make a Filter that will result in his emails being placed directly into a folder called New Books
  1. Let's start by making a new folder called NEW BOOKS. Follow the instructions described above in "How do I create a custom folder?".
  2. Once the folder is created open the Settings menu. Click on Incoming Mail then on the Filtering tab.
  3. Click Add New Filter and the following window will appear.

  4. Fill out the criteria. You can choose to sort by the sender/recipient or by keywords in the subject or body of the email. You must have a Filter name.
  5. To send this email into the NEW BOOKS folder you must select the Move to folder option in the ACTION section.
  6. Click OK. 
Note: If you are using email software (Outlook, Netscape Mail, etc.) with a POP3 connection, your email software only downloads emails that are stored in your Inbox folder. If you use email filters to move emails into another folder, those emails will not be downloaded by your POP3 email software.