d) Office Scheduling

Can I share my calendar with my staff?

Most likely in your organization there are several employees that all have different schedules. To make life simpler you can share your schedule with others in your Townlife Webmail. This will allow everyone you choose to see your schedule but only you can edit it.


How do I let others see my calendar?

  1. Click on the Calendar Tab and from the pop-down menu choose Calendar Manager.
  2. Under PERSONAL CALENDARS select Add a new personal calendar where you will be promted for Permission. Select  All users in my domain can view my calendar.


What if I do not want everyone in my domain to see my schedule?

  1. If your personal calendar has already been created set-up click on Edit under the Settings column on the right hand side of the screen. Using this selection will allow you to manually decide who you want to see the calendar.
  2. Click the checkbox: Only users that I have specified can view my calendar. You can then add users in the box below.


What if there are confidential items I do not want others to see?

You may want to make certain events private (i.e. confidential meetings, appointments) but still let your staff have access to your schedule. You can do this by making an event private. Others will see that the time is reserved but the event information will be hidden.

  1. In the calendar, double-click on he event you want to edit.
  2. Click the Private Event checkbox and then SAVE.