e) Photo Album

Photo Album Module

Using the photo album is a great way to add content to your site and invite users to virtually see your community in action.


How do I create a photo album?

  1. Click on CREATE and select PHOTO ALBUM.
  2. The following window will appear. You can make different albums for different events (i.e. Canada Day, Fairs)

  3. Once the album is created you can add photos by selecting the ADD PHOTOS tab (see below). You will need to include a title before your upload.
  4. Click SAVE. The photo will be automatically resized and will appear in the selected photo album. 


Can community members add submissions?

Yes! What a wonderful way to get community interaction on your website. When you are creating your photo album (see above) there is a checkbox named ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS. Clicking on this will allow community members to upload photos of events. A security feature requires that photos uploaded by users will need to be approved by an administrator before appearing on the site. So you still have full control of the content posted on your site.